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Expertise in Blockchain & Capital Markets

We are a one-person blockchain and advisory practice. Blockchain advice that is independent and practical and not driven by vendor specific commercial considerations. Have been involved in numerous solutions using digital ledger technology (DLT). Some of the most promising ones: a thirty member consortium implementing share KYC for corporate clients in Corda, a smart portfolio management tool to share managed clients using Ethereum, a trade finance application for invoice factoring called Marco Polo, using zero knowledge proofs to certify warehousing for a track and trace or provenance application and numerous others. In addition, gave lectures on the impact of DLT to business focused groups including Risk, Capital Markets, Syndicated Loans etc. Active in blogging, writing and leading panels on DLT.

Deep knowledge of how capital markets work. Have expertise in delivering products and addressing concerns from a variety of stakeholders. Can be an effective translator from business language to engineering vocabulary and into the creation of solutions and value for business. Sensitive to new products possibility with the evolution of new technology. Worked in different levels of the technology stack from front-ends to databases through networking and messaging and in all aspects of the software development life cycle. All this applied to the new and exciting world of blockchain.




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Areas of Expertise

Blockchain education

The first step in blockchain adoption is education. We have given short talks, lunch & learn sessions and developed basic and advanced courses, which are being widely used. Evangelism, coupled with deep dives where necessary and targeted sessions appropriate to lines of business.


The two main areas of Supply Chain, namely Trade Finance as well as Provenance and how Blockchain can help bridge the gaps that exist in today’s processes that have been papered over with a host of manual processes. Worked in the collaborative environment to bring invoice factoring and other trade finance PoCs and MVPs in Blockchain.

digital identity

Digital identity is the gateway to all applications, the blockchain is both the vehicle for implementing a shareable and secure solution for digital identity as well as a way to use the identity in transactions in a confidential and auditable manner. Chair of identity working group in Hyerledger.

digital transformation STRATEGY

In addition to education, engagement with functions and addressing their questions is the key. Speaking to IT security, Legal, Compliance, HR, Third Party Risk Management (usually procurement) as well as lines of business is the key. We encourage participation models in innovation from internal innovation labs, consortia of like minded businesses, external events for internal champions, news-aware sessions, internal blogs.

Investment review

Process oriented technical and business analysis for investing in Blockchain companies. Participated in several reviews as a member of investment review teams. Access to a combination of modular and holistic valuation tools for startups in various stages.


Free and open source software; written by many, hardened by community usage is the preferred choice of many enterprises. Entire ecosystems: tooling, documentation, experts are available for even niche solutions. Mainstream adoption of FOSS has been the theme. We are advocates and ambassadors of Hyperledger, R3 & DAH’s open source efforts. Open implementations of standards help the overall effort.


We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
— Albert Einstein


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